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This year, Montana played the supporting character Ellie in the upcoming horror feature Kudzu Zombies.  In addition to acting in this film, Montana was also the Production Coordinator and Production Accountant.

Story line: "After a mysterious chemical transforms the citizens of Charleston into zombies, a mismatched group must fight for survival against the cannibalistic hordes." - IMDb

Kudzu Zombies

In 2015, Montana was blessed with the supporting role of Sally, best friend of lead Alison played by Anger Management's Daniela Bobadilla in the film Texas Heart. The film had many notable actors, such as John Savage and Blake Clark.

Story line: "A corrupt New York attorney fleeing the mob seeks refuge in a small Texas town where he stumbles upon a powerful reason to do good." - IMDb

Texas Heart

In 2011, Montana was cast in her first film Where I Begin, a dramatic feature in which she played the supporting role of Kylene the waitress. 

Story-line: "A decade after a tragic event, Jacob decides to return home to his small southern roots, only to find that the past is not really the past and that people may change but they never forget. Can you ever really go home?" - IMDb

Where I Begin

Kudzu Zombies (2016) - Feature Firemax (2016) - Short

Texas Heart (2015) - Feature

Forced Move (2015) - Feature

Killer Kudzu (2014) - Short

Pilot Season’d (2013) - Short

Type 2 Diabetes (2012) - Short

Me In White Satin (2012) - Short

Seven Sins (2012) - Short

Fashion Monsters (2012) - Short

Love Hurts (2012) - Short

The Artist (2012) - Short

Morning Run (2012) - Short

Salty Love (2012) - Short

Gypsy Heart (2011) - Short

Fields of Color (2011) - Feature

The Hanging of Big Todd Wade (2011)

Where I Begin (2011) - Feature

River City Dead (2010) - Short

Treat or Eat (2010) - Short

Acting Resume

Ellie (supporting)

Parking Mistress (featured)

Sally (supporting)

Bar Patron (featured)

Megan A (supporting)

Receptionist (supporting)


Jenny (lead)

Pride (lead)

Tyra (lead)

The Other Love (lead)

Young Lady (lead)

Runner #3 (lead)

Girlfriend (lead)

Flo (supporting)

Maggie (supporting)


Kylene (supporting)

Rice (featured)

Michelle (lead)

Mark Newton

Rory Ledbetter

Mark David

Tony Bloodworth

Meaghin Burke

Elise Fyke


Melody Be Watson

Ashley Coates

Liliana Ruiz

Rachel Walkup

Jamie Blackband

Walker Floyd

Ashley Coates

Daniel Lee Perea

Gunter H. Sanderson

Micah Ginn

Thomas L. Phillips

Daniel Lee Perea

April Wren

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